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[SPOILER] Naruto Chapter 627 - Sasuke & Konoha

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[SPOILER] Naruto Chapter 627 - Sasuke & Konoha Empty [SPOILER] Naruto Chapter 627 - Sasuke & Konoha

Post by Ayitzchance on Tue Apr 23, 2013 11:36 pm

Naruto chapter 627 came out a few weeks ago and if you keep up with the manga you probably know that Sasuke has decided to join the war, what do you think this means for him and Konoha?

I don't see him returning completely peacefully but I hope he decides to befriend Naruto again,
and does anyone else think Orochimaru seems sketchy? O_o It felt like it was too fast of a transition from bad to good to be true, excited though :D

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[SPOILER] Naruto Chapter 627 - Sasuke & Konoha Empty Re: [SPOILER] Naruto Chapter 627 - Sasuke & Konoha

Post by - Scientific Biribiri on Wed Apr 24, 2013 1:18 am

Too good to be true indeed! XD
But I'm hoping this will turn out fine, but then the excitement will be spoiled. .cry

Well, let's wait for the next next chapters. (Since the new one is out)


- Scientific Biribiri
- Scientific Biribiri

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